Sewing Machine



Spintop: customized Hollow Point (with Bulldog cap and anodized)

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Description: Similar to drumbeat (please, refer to that description) but with a different catch. The top is popped and caught with the tip facing the player. To catch it, the throwing hand goes bellow the tip, wrapping it one time. Then it is pumped normally. A "no-pump" sewing machine is also possible.

Advice: As for drumbeat, maintain a loose grip of the string on the non-throwing hand and let it slip somewhat while pumping.

Notes: Wrapping the tip ensures that the friction caused by pulling with the throw hand is in the correct direction to regenerate spin. By the way, in the first half of the turn, the string is untwisted. This may explain why the string tends to get tangled less often than in drumbeat (at least that is my impression).

Sewing Machine can be done (simulated?) with a bearing top, until the initial spin is consumed.

History/Etymology: Classic trick. The name of the trick obviously comes from the movement of the throw hand during the catch, which is reminiscent of sewing with a needle.