Joker Choker



Spintop: customized Hollow Point (with Bulldog cap and anodized)

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Description: This trick alternates the catches of drumbeat and sewing machine. Throw a trapeze. Pop the top into the air each half-turn of the precession. When the tip faces away, catch it with a normal trapeze (drumbeat). When the tip faces towards you, catch with an underhand trapeze (sewing machine).

There is no pumping between pops. The regeneration comes from: a) the top sliding down the string on the catch and b) from the slip between the string and the tip while popping it into the air.

Advice: Although learning first to do drumbeat and sewing machine is a good idea, it is not necessary to become very proficient in those, as achieving regeneration is actually easier with joker choker. The key is to get the action of catching and immediately popping to the level of a reflex. Practicing the moves with a bearing top is a good way to start.

Notes: This is a very hectic trick: frenetic action with no breather (the reason there are no pumps is that there is no time for them). By the same token, the top can acquire and maintain a very good speed (no idle time on the string to waste energy).

History/Etymology: Classic trick. On this one, if you don't concentrate, you will choke.