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Author Topic: Gyros & Tops in space  (Read 9082 times)


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Re: Gyros & Tops in space
« Reply #45 on: September 21, 2019, 04:28:15 PM »

I do have a quip about the animation. It shows the little masses continuing to rotate in the same direction with respect to the large masses for the second period. I believe they should reverse direction, and the direction should oscillate back and forth (in this relative frame of motion). The way I think about it, if m1 starts a little above the y axis, it will finish a little above the (-)y axis on the other side, not at 180 degrees.
A difficult question.
In Tao's explanation, the force (and therefore acceleration) on the small mass is proportional to it's distance to the y axis. It's accelerated until it reaches the z axis and decelerated after that. So it should have zero speed when it reaches it's initial high over the y axis on the other side. From there it should reverse directions. Like a ball oscillating in the valley between two peaks.

Sorry, Ta0, I didn't understand.  You mean at 9:24, when the plate continues tilting in the same direction instead of tilting back.
I believe you are right, it seems like an inaccuracy in the animation.   
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