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Title: philippe's new book
Post by: jim in paris on February 14, 2010, 03:16:28 AM

hi all
i have just received Philippe's new book
like the first one it tries to disassemble the simple mechanisms of our consumer society and  to locate a place for "art" : he starts with a metaphor about the fog (hence the subtitle)to explain how the environment can affect our perceptions of the reality... he then puts himself in the position of being interviewed by an imaginary character to go more deeply in what he calls « taking the power over oneself »
very interesting reading, each sentence is full and deep : far from giving « how to » or ready-made solutions to deal with this « fog », he encourages reflection , on a daily basis , and opens debate

photo of the cover

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Title: Re: philippe's new book
Post by: ta0 on February 14, 2010, 10:00:42 AM
Philippe had told me he was preparing a new book on his ideas. He thought he had probably gone overboard on the first one playing with type and layout, and that was distracting. He wanted to write a book "more accessible to politicians."  (good luck with that ::) ) On the first one he also uses the analogy of the fog. As a spintop collector it has the extra interest of usig a spintop theme that may be missing in the last one.


This is what I wrote on's Papyrus page:

"A very personal proposal for a utopia (u-toupie?) by a wonderful spintop-turning artist. He proposes transforming the pursuit of power over others into power over oneself. "La recherche de l'équilibre passe par un révolution sur soi-même." Life without a passion is like a top not turning. Society should be based on art (defined in a very broad sense) made with passion ("vie-toupie"), not for money. Many spintop references and even pictures."

Title: Re: philippe's new book
Post by: Neff on February 14, 2010, 11:20:17 AM
Cool.  I like thinkers.