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Title: Worlds freestyle schedule
Post by: ta0 on July 20, 2009, 12:44:44 AM
Well, the Spintop freestyles have been scheduled for Saturday at noon. That's not prime time.  More like, lunch time :( That is somewhat sad, we used to have a very good spot. Is it a carry over from last year when there were so few competitors? Perhaps it is it the contrary (let's be optimistic): according to the schedule the freestyles have the stage for a full hour instead of the usual half hour. That could be a reflection of the 2 divisions and a sizable number of players.

I guess a silver lining of this schedule for the competitors is less pressure and being free to enjoy the rest of Saturday. Also, for those trying to watch the live internet broadcast (assuming there is one like other years) it will be much easier to get a connection. By the way, the spintop ladder is scheduled for 1 PM, after the freestyles.