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Title: The year is ending . . .
Post by: ta0 on December 20, 2011, 11:10:06 AM
There are just a couple weeks left of the year. If you have a photo to submit or propose for the photo contest, I suggest you do it soon: 2011 photo contest (,1378.0.html).  Unfortunately, the food top contest only has Rusty's master chef creation. But perhaps with all the holiday food somebody wants to challenge him: Food Boomerang contest (,1324.msg13272.html#msg13272).

The year is ending and many of my year end resolutions from last year remain unfulfilled, including some spintop ones, and will have to be renewed  :-[ But others I could accomplish, like going to Flatland, visiting Richy's museum, making a few videos with new tricks (double tip, S8), learning arachnids and a smooth wheel of fortune, reclaiming the corkscrew title  ;D  And I am trying hard to see if I can achieve before the end of the year a trick I have been dreaming for years . . . (low probability I can).
Title: Re: The year is ending . . .
Post by: Gustin Joss on December 20, 2011, 06:22:11 PM
Maybe when I get back, you can help me with my spinning goals. We can be accountability buddies.