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Author Topic: Small and lighter tops and Big and heavier tops / Other factors.  (Read 2808 times)


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Small and lighter tops and Big and heavier tops / Other factors.
« on: September 09, 2009, 03:24:13 PM »

Altough almost all the time I use a big and (a little more heavier top, the Jumbo), these last three weeks I have been playing only with normal tops (understanding by normal, by "standard mexican tops", the most of the ones are produced and sold here, with a standarized size) and I `ve re-discovered its charming and some new things for me.
- These tops are designed to be played for little kids, like 6 years on forwards.
The size is designed to be perfectly adapted to their little hand, (sometimes, so tiny, that it amazes how some kids with super tiny hand and ever so tiny fingers, can dancing them). The most of the boys, are happy only by being able to dance the tops, making a rocket, putting on their hand, doing some games, like paint a circle on ground drawing the moneys (inner there) and specially, the favourite game of boys here, is destroying their own tops, by playing "punterazos".(called also "picotazos").

For a tiny hand, the Jumbo is so hardest to dance, that was the main reason
that between the kids, never was popular and was retired from selling and set out of the stocks.

In the other hand, many champions (players) start to realize that (tough Jumbo was a complete failure about sellings) was really incredible to play. And this happens like 10 or even 15 years ago.

But, besides the small ones are designed specially to kids, these tops (small and light) gives you the opportunity to improve your game a lot (not taking care your age, or if you think that your hands are so much big for a little tops like, for example, one of mi fovourites, the model Atomo) Because its lightness and small size makes them spin faster, much faster, and you need, you are..mmm...How do you say "obligado", ta0? I mean, you are forced to get used to its spin and forced to control the top.
You increase the control you have over the top, you improve your technique, and you dominate much better the toy.
Resuming, I reccomend to play so many differents tops as you can. This will make you a better player.

- The most (by not saying all of them) of the strings that the tops contains, (their strings that comes from factory) are not good for playing. In the case of small tops, they are so much wide to be very well slided by the angle of the tip. By yourself, you must buy, test and play with differentes kinds of strings ┬┤till you discover which one is the best.

- It happens the same stuff with tips. I believe that in the tip is concentrated like the 80% of the good developping of the game. Well, all the factors are important, but I guess that tip is the heart, the soul of the top.

Here, it happens the same. You must test different kinds of tips. To be adapated yourself to face, to confront any kind of tip, by so much that is a bad tip. You must not put like a pretext, an excuse, that if is not a determined kind of top, a determined kind of string or tip, you won`t play well.

As far as I know, I believe to know that in USA and in Canada, the people are used to use butterflys (mariposas) but not rings. (The both plastic things that are at the end and each extreme of the strings that We are used to use here)

I must say that is important (at least to me) the usage of both.
There, yes, there are some butterflies that I prefer more than others.

Even, the ugly model of Duncan, very sold here many, many years ago, the Imperial, is good..(in order to improve and to feed (nutrir, alimentar, enriquecer) to make more wide your game). But for start to learn, I don`t reccomend the imperial.
(Maybe I had bad luck and the Imperials I bought some many years ago, were some of those bad manufacturated)

But the ripcord is a good one. But the Jumbo is much beter than Ripcord, of course. (talking about way of game, adaptability.) In the other hand, the plastic of Ripcord is better than the one of Jumbo.)
Any way, both of them broke when fall down if they are not previously covered with tape.
The opinions about the brands and models are absolutely personals and don`t have the intention to promote or bad talking about the brands.
As a player (and a player that is constantly looking for more new tricks (mainly "cuerdas" I am forced to experience myself all kind of tops, to test an prove tops, strings, butterflies, rings, tips. I do this only with the purpose to improve my game, with the objective to be a good player.
None mark, not anyone brand sponsores me, (and, by the way, I am not looking  for none sponsor) and to develop my own game is in which I am most interested.

I hope that these tips (meaning here "tips" leike "advices") be helpful to you.

---Spinningray---It was very nice your invitation to meet to spin tops togheter some day. But I see it very difficult. It`s a truely very long distance between both of us. If you like I can test your tops and give my opinion on them (thing that it would be very pleasant and nice to me) possibly, you could send me one or two. I will send them you back to USA when ta0 comes to here and he goes back to home (of course, we both before need to ask him if ta0 is willing to makes us this favour)

Cheers to all!

Eppure si muove!!!

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Re: Small and lighter tops and Big and heavier tops / Other factors.
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2009, 11:53:18 PM »

I must admit, it has really been a thrill to throw tops of different sizes lately.  The heavier ones are great exercise.  I'm thinking the UC throwers really have a draw with their four large tops.  John Buechele, you will love them!!!

There have to be some clever ways we can get more top spinners Salvador and Alan Gray.  Knowing Jorge, he probably has already figured out several ways to accomplish this.
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Re: Small and lighter tops and Big and heavier tops / Other factors.
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2009, 12:36:30 AM »

Salvador, you will have the opportunity to play with Figaro, I am sure . . .  ;)

the Earl of Whirl

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Re: Small and lighter tops and Big and heavier tops / Other factors.
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2009, 11:16:26 PM »

Count yourself as one of the privileged few, Salvador.  He never told me that I could play with Figaro!!!