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Author Topic: 1st Britanny International spintops festival, in Bourbriac (France)  (Read 426 times)


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Hi all,
From 27th september to 1st october 2023, we organise the 1st Briitanny International Spintops festival, in Bourbriac, (10 km from Guingamp). The idea is not original, I know. It came after we attended Loon-plage festival in february 2022, and met Emmanuel and Ludo. It was the first event that gathered chinese spintops with othrer wordl’s spintops.
For this first event in Britanny, we have invited some spintops specialists and players. I hope Rocco Costa will attend the festival, and Skye (Majorca) too.
Or course, the festival will feature Chinese spinning tops with our 4 kg steel whip spinning tops and our 8 kg wooden ones.
We will also have some professionnal local wood turners that use to turn wooden spintops, and have a special focus to Britanny’s spintops. Indeed, since we have started to prepare this event, I discovered that there is a real spintops tradition in Britanny. Even, if now nobody play anymore these spintops, I met some all people who practiced when they were young.
But the main attraction will be the giant spinning top (Chinese style) we are building ; a 70 cm height and 60 cm diamter woodent spinning top that we will run for the first time during the festival.
You can read more informations about the event on our Facebook page :
Unfortunately, our project didn’t recieve subsidies that we expected, so we have launched a crowdfunding campaign which end on 30th june :

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