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Author Topic: Guinness record: the number of people who spin the whip tops at same time  (Read 373 times)


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Have you seen this video? I just saw this video and I'm so surprised that this record is made this year in China!
The record wanted at least 5 minutes.

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That is incredible!!!  I can’t believe how many people are involved with this.  I have never seen this video.
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Wow! Thanks for sharing that!

There was no space for more people whipping the tops!
It looks pretty cold and slippery too!

It seems they almost doubled the previous record of 1000, with 1,946 people whipping the tops.
The Guinness World Records website lists this record as "Most people playing whipping tops simultaneously" but the specific page for the record is currently not working.

It took place in Jingyu County in Jilin Province, about 150 km north of North Korea and 1000 km west of Beijing.