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Author Topic: Spintop and yoyo used like main weapons-implements in this nice cartoon. Ladybug  (Read 310 times)


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  MIRACULOUS 🐞 LOS HÉROES 🐞 Las Aventuras de Ladybug

My litle dear daughter is very fan of this cartoon. I've seen almost the most of the chapters.
The main character uses a yoyo designed like a ladybug like weapon-implement, but one of her heromates,companions uses a top in a form of a bee.
It seems that her name is Reina Aguijón.
Another strange way to have a relation between bees and tops.
Besides, I like a lot that its environment is the nice city of Paris.

Here you can appreciate the details.

If you give a pause in the 6:22 and 6:24 is when appears the bee-girl with the bee-top.You can appreciate exactly that is a spin top.
She´s left-handed spintop thrower.

Also in the 6:43 and 6:44, she spins the top, even with a big tip.

And exactly in the 7:24, put pause and the blondie girl shows her top and is when exactly more you can appreciate the shape of a spintop.

And like the final proof, like the overwhelming evidence, to 8:00 to 8:02, she throws her top like a weapon. Here, remember me that scene of a very old topic I posted here many years ago where a ninja uses a spintop as a weapon also, almost in the same way like the blondie hero girl. Maybe, I can put on my skin a tatoo of her. :P
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