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Anyone know of a top spinner named Rick Osbourne?

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See title.

Never mind. I just searched his name. Looks like he’s “mini famous” in the top community. I’m talking to his son on Facebook messenger.

the Earl of Whirl:
We used to see him every year when worlds was in Orlando at the Rosen Hotel.  Seems like I spent quite a bit of time with him in the hallway.

Yes, and he died a few years back.


--- Quote from: valerieyo on July 06, 2019, 01:31:10 PM ---Yes, and he died a few years back.

--- End quote ---
Oh! I didn't know. That's very sad.
He was a lot of fun.  He had been a yo-yo and spintop pro for several brands including Duncan and Royal. His jacket was full of patches. He loved Yoyojam tops. We had a big top battle at worlds using wooden tops he brought: he taught us to flip the pegs around to make them longer and spikier.


the Earl of Whirl:
The hall of fame has those wooden tops from worlds with the metal tips turned around.  Also in the hall is a box full of yo-yo related items.  A number of those items have Rick's name on them.  I will bring this box to worlds where yo-yo things are better appreciated. 

That is a good picture of him as he looks at Figaro.  I remember that shirt, too.  He sure had some great shirts and jackets with classic spinning badges.


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