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Author Topic: Triada Aracnida.  (Read 2517 times)


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Triada Aracnida.
« on: January 28, 2010, 02:34:39 PM »

Well. Into the videos of my serie "Great Mexican Big Bang....." soon, I will include three of this that I called "Triada Aràcnida" (in fact, cuold be even called "Quartet Aracnida")  ;D
if we include the Khrishalidas.
Given that are three cuerdas differents, but very similar among them, in the way they are made,....I think most of you saw Aràcnidas and Khrishàlidas, ....

Trìada Aràcnida

- Aràcnidas
- Rèlampagos.
- Martillos of Salvathor  ;D

These three cuerdas belong to a same cicle of ways of regeneration.

The second one was called martillos-cometas, but Martillos of Salvathor is the definitive name. Well, it`s not nothing bad that a trick have my, je...
Videos available in my soon...


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Re: Triada Aracnida.
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2010, 11:11:31 PM »

I look forward to those videos. But I need to review the names and tricks you have already posted because they are starting to blur into each other: you have created an amazing number of regeneration variations!


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Re: Triada Aracnida.
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2010, 03:40:24 PM »

mmm....I recorded those times, the trick Aràcnidas and the aràcnidas krishàlidas and they were in youtube.
THe others two, never have been available in video.
I used to told you that I perfeccionated the old trick that Gustavo does and that he calls "martillos". He thought that was possible to regenerate doing them, but he only could do 14 by much. I did a little modification and I got regenerate eternally. But I think that the trick has the form of a comet fliyng in the cosmos. I suggested to Gus the name of "cometas" for that trick, but he refused it, saying that they are martillos. I think the main reason he didn`t acccept that name was the relation of the name with the brand Cometa. So, the name was martillos-cometas.
But as finally I was me who do the modification and the little difference to give cuerda to this trick, I have decided baptize like "martillos of Salvathor" In part, thsi is because the spanish people suggested to me that one of my tricks, at least one of them, take my name.

The rèlampagos, is very similar, to aràcnida, but in vertical way.
"Et ait illis: videbam satanam sicut fulgore de coelo cadentem"

To Gus, are the same than martillos of Salvathor.
Well, to prove the difference, the martillos of Salvathor must be done under the leg, behind the back, and behind the neck (in this last one, canm be done immediatly after the huitzime Quetzalcòatl.
The lightenings, the thunders, must be done in a perfect vertical way.
Give time (and let get some memorys for my camara ;D) and you see these tricks of the Trìada Aràcnida.