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Author Topic: comments on the general assembly  (Read 1215 times)

jim in paris

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comments on the general assembly
« on: December 19, 2016, 02:51:59 AM »

high all

I'd like to comment on the general assembly:

there has been a minimum amount of members involved in the debates:
a "written" assembly will never beat a "live " assembly:
 for an international association it's difficult to gather members,
 but still we lack a live-interactive way- to express statements
for next year (or before for a test) we could organize a video/audio conference where
we could speak live and exchange better
in addition , each world contest could be the occasion of a mid-year meeting


on the first page , each country's flag shoud be clickable and go to a presentation text
in each language
in addition each country could provide more information (events,toy-shops,woodturners,clubs etc..)

on the first page we lack text:
why not make the photos clickable
for example the one with miguel angel rios performance
could lead to an explanation about the film/documentary and the following exhibits references
same for the duncan trophy , the japanese sword trick,the postcards with children's games,the statues ....

the right side of the page has an empty space: maybe to announce the next worlds contest in iceland !
the bottom of the page could be improved too

these are positive suggestions and need your feedback

"oeuvre de coeur prend tout un homme"