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Author Topic: Daxi Throwing and Spinning in Zhongzheng Park with a performer we’ve seen in pre  (Read 7261 times)


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When I bust it in half you will be able to see  if the rod goes all the way Thru. I have learned a lot with the koma. Mine does all the tricks I can do. I used a tip like James, and got a 65 foot wire walker, (good enough) now I've put a plastic cap on it and I just hit a four inch target at 20 feet.  I was going to hallow it out, but this is the BEST figting top I have now. I want another one. You should fight with two tops. Fighting with big tops, and long lines is so much fun. I hope more people buy a Koma, ant try it.


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Congratulations Larry!
That's an awesome top.
Is it a heavy dense wood or a light wood? Just curious.

Larry D.

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This top weighs 379.8 grams, or 13.397 ounces.

It's a “veteran” performance top that has lived MANY spins MANY misses and MANY bumps on hard paving.
I think the wood is fairly dense.
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