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Author Topic: questionnaire about tops  (Read 1899 times)

jim in paris

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questionnaire about tops
« on: January 02, 2015, 11:42:53 AM »

hi all
with my friend Ludo we are working on the future international contacts:
we plan to send the following questionnaire to over 40 countries
could you please read it and comment if necessary
thanx for your input

the temporary president

Survey about spinning tops
(we use the word spintop for simplification)

1 what is the word for spintop in your country ?
 Are there any regional names ?

2  Would you say that spintops are mostly :
A a children's activity
B an adult activity
C a sport
D a leisure game
E a game of the past

3 Are there any cultural places dedicated to spintops in your country?
A a museum of toys
B a museum of spintops
C a place where there is art-work representing spintops : paintings,sculptures,statues,canvas, etc 

4 Are spintops present at an educational level ?
A in primary schools
b in secondary schools
C in high school
D at university
are spintops used for physical activities , sport , for teaching science , for another purpose ?

5 Do you know of any books or publications related to spintops ?
Writer :         Title :         Published by :

6 Are there any contests , competitions , challenges, involving spintops ?
A battles
b traditional games
C duration contests
D target, precision contests
E freestyle / juggling contests

7 Are there any spintop manufacturers/ makers in your country ?
A mostly local craftsmen : Where ?
B industries : company name ?
C wood turners : Where ?

8 What are the materials used for making spintops ?
A shells
B wood
C metal
D bamboo
E clay
F plastic
G other

9 Are spintops present in marketing / advertising logos ?
for which companies , which products ?

10 is there anything else you would like to tell about the tradition of spinning tops in your country ?

11  Would you like to be informed of the International Top Spinners Association's activities ?
By responding to this questionnaire you will contribute to a worldwide survey including 40 different countries and the results will be sent to you when it's over.
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Re: questionnaire about tops
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2015, 06:54:22 PM »

excellent jim ur a smart cookie! if i might be so bold as to offer a suggestion: since this questionnaire will be sent to many countries in their own languages, instead of asking what a spintop is in writing (since we would have to know before hand in their native language to do so) i would propose we place a picture of a spintop (either a generic top or a top specific to that country) and ask them to list what they refer to it as? other than that suggestion i think your questionnaire is spot on jim!


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Re: questionnaire about tops
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2015, 09:24:56 PM »

jim aka en mexico yo e realizado proyectos con diferentes dependenzias ,y claro que x aka se me fazilitaria ademas que estoy x empezar otro diferente alo ke antes se a hecho x aka yestare al pendiente de detalles

jim in paris

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Re: questionnaire about tops
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2015, 02:29:54 PM »

well OK: the questionnaire seems to be approved
could someone bother to translate it ?
 in Spanish , in Mandarin , in Japanese in Pirate...  for a start  ;)

thanx for your help