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Author Topic: World Series Poster  (Read 1324 times)


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World Series Poster
« on: February 10, 2013, 10:42:01 PM »

Some weeks ago I have gotten this poster which is stuck on one wood frame.
It cointains 81 different images from the World Series since the year 1903 until the year 1983.
Here in the pictures you can see with a profound detail the diiferents drawings.

(click for more detail)

I really am not a baseball fanatic and in the first thing that I thought when I acquired it, was to sell it.
I am pretty sure that there in the USA, I could find the best option, among fanatics and collectors of baseball stuffs,  a person who really is going to appreciate the real, the true value of this piece.
As a matter of fact, to announce it here is the first step to try to link it to some several websites of offerings and sellings, websites of auctions.
By the moment,  I exactly don´t know the price of this poster.
I have tried to find one equal in the internet, exactly the same, but´s been not possible.
I hope that some persons could help me to explain me how to link this poster to websites of auctions or sellings, or recommend me websites of fanatics and/or collectors of baseball  items, stuffs, products.
Anyway, of course, if someone of this forum is interested on it, please, send me a pm.
Thanks a lot.
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