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Author Topic: Flambeau  (Read 1874 times)


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« on: August 18, 2011, 01:59:02 PM »

I came across some news from Flambeau, the plastic company behind Duncan, and it has some interesting info so I'll share it:
"Family-owned Flambeau Inc., one of the larger injection molders in the U.S., has acquired Mastercraft Companies from that company's founder, Arle Rawlings, for an undisclosed price. Although Mastercraft is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ., Rawlings is from Minnesota, and he headed north to the Sauey family of Flambeau, which harkens from Wisconsin, to find a buyer for the company he founded in 1968.

Flambeau Inc. is headquartered in Baraboo, WI. Its purchase includes all of Mastercraft Companies, which consists of injection molder Polycraft Industries Inc. and high-end mold maker Mastercraft Mold Inc. According to Flambeau, Mastercraft Companies' Phoenix facilities and personnel will be focused on expanding Flambeau's pursuit of medical market and precision injection molded industrial market applications.
Flambeau was formed by two brothers in 1947 to mold fishing lures, but the company has expanded greatly since and is active in medical, molding a range of proprietary products including EMT/EMS boxes, first aid boxes, medical instrument boxes, and other products. However, its three major markets are in retail, automotive and industrial/packaging. Mastercraft gives it a processor successful in molding and assembly of high-end medical devices (see our report on its work on an artificial heart) and also top-of-the-line injection molds.

Flambeau's manufacturing facilities in the U.S. are in Baraboo, Wisconsin; Columbus, Indiana; Madison, Georgia; Middlefield, Ohio; Redlands, California; and Weldon, North Carolina. Its international facilities are in Ramsgate, England, and Saltillo, Mexico.

In a company statement, Jason Sauey, CEO of Flambeau and president of Nordic Group, the holding company created to control the family's assets, noted the integration of Mastercraft into Flambeau provides Flambeau with a solid platform for growth into medical markets . . ."


By the way, the Flambeau website says this about Duncan:
"Duncan Toys Company - Since 1929, Duncan is the world leader in yo-yos and skill toys. Duncan sells through both mass and specialty retailers, and provides cross-generational fun to kids of all ages. Of all the brands under the Flambeau banner, Duncan is the most widely known and loved - an American pop-culture icon. Duncan - The Original. World's #1."