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ITSA General Assembly: December 5th - 12th

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 on: Today at 06:24:12 PM 
Started by Trip - Last post by paxl13
Start with steels rod no? That a drill and a Dremel and you can be good to go?

If you end up making some chonkake, keep me in the loop!!!

 on: Today at 05:57:31 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by the Earl of Whirl
Oh my!!!  I just woke up from a Sunday afternoon nap.  Man, was I in a deep sleep.  I know I had a number of top dreams but I can't begin to describe them.  What I can describe is that I constantly felt like I needed to do something.  It was weird to wake up and look around to see that nationals are over and I do not have to do anything else!

So, I am continuing to lay on the couch with my sore legs.  I tried my best to pace myself and sit as much as possible through the weekend but it still wasn't enough.  In fact, I look back and wish I had done more and had legs that were even more sore.  Many thanks to everyone for the great memories.  It always seems to be special when top spinners get together.  On this 20th anniversary of the Burg fest, it seems like there are even more reasons to be thankful. 

I am thankful for the great weather which was not too hot and not too wet.  I am thankful for the city and the use of their stage and park.  It is so nice to have them deal with the sound system.  We only have to arrive and use it, then they put it away.  I am thankful for a schedule that was already in place last year and everyone fit into it again this year.  That made everything a lot easier.  Of course, I am thankful for great top spinning friends and all they bring to make our spinning weekend so wonderful.  Thank you, everyone.  I think I will get up and start stretching out these tired sore legs.

 on: Today at 05:53:06 PM 
Started by Trip - Last post by Trip
Ok cool, but where would you buy them?

Every time I search I end up in a dead end.

 on: Today at 02:40:27 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by ta0
One of many surprising new items I found in the HOF was this prototype of the trophy that Steve Brown must have received at the first Spintop World Contest in 2000:

But what made The Earl happiest was when I found another Japanese set of very male koma's, as the ones I got last year  >:D

 on: Today at 02:23:45 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by ta0
At 8 PM it was time for the traditional dinner at Bullwinkle's that ended in a non-traditional way with Austen's stand up commedy, plus stories about his real Colombian adventures and recollections about some infamous two pieces of pizza.  ;D

It was probably around 11 PM when the group arrived to the Spintop Hall of Fame, which is now even more over the top with Don Olney's collection. What a unique place full of unique objects and people!  There is now, of course,  a full section dedicated to The Toycrafter.

 on: Today at 02:09:06 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by ta0
Butterfingers got his 24 patch, Lynn and Mark from the North got their 16 patch, and Mailman advanced in learning his remaining tricks.

For the freestyles we moved inside.
We tried the new judging criteria and I think the scores came out right.
Renee was the official time keeper  :D

At 5PM we moved to the stage by the river for the 20th Whirled Top Festival. While the local kids battled on sled arenas for real prizes, we battled for pride. We also had a good circle of roller coaster passers that at one time included a lefty catching with right lassos. A highlight for me was doing wheel of fortune with one of John's HDPE 10 inch tops.
It ended with the loud whiplashes and sometimes whistling of a large Chinese whipping top on stage that attracted a lot of attention.

 on: Today at 02:03:05 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by Jeremy McCreary
Like Mike's sig says...

Happiness runs in a circular motion!!!

 on: Today at 01:54:33 PM 
Started by Trip - Last post by Jeremy McCreary
Awesome thanks!
Does he make the metal tips, or turn them?

Standard chonkakegoma metal tips.

 on: Today at 01:53:07 PM 
Started by Trip - Last post by Trip
Awesome thanks!
Does he make the metal tips, or turn them?

 on: Today at 01:43:20 PM 
Started by Trip - Last post by Jeremy McCreary
Japanese master wooden topmaker Masaaki Hiroi has been known to make chonkakegoma and has several topmaking videos. Search the forum and web for his name.

Just checked his book Edo Tops (in Japanese, on Amazon). Many wonderful color photos of these and many other Japanese wooden tops. You might be able to take proportions off some of these.

On pp. 180-184, dozens of B&W photos of the master at his simple lathe making a similar top, but without the upper concavity.

If you're willing to buy a wooden chonkakegoma as a template, try the Japanese site Spingear owned by forum member Taka.

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