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 on: Today at 06:07:31 PM 
Started by Jack - Last post by Jack
my friends 3 years ago i had an idea for a trick. and last night at 1:05am....i finally understood how to bring it into existance @-@ gentlemen im very proud to present to you this trick that i once thought impossible due to the extremely high impact of the landing.  this trick is yet to be named, ive given that honour to a very dear friend, so as soon as they let me know what they wish to call this ill post the finalalized name for this trick here @-@ whatever this trick ends up being called, it must be done fixed-tip in order for it to be called by its name.......#fixedTip4life @-@
im using my favourite blue QSH fixed "C" tip with my custom hardwood cap @-@

behold @-@


basically what this is is sun crashlanding into a tip outward blind catch finger grind @-@

 on: Today at 04:47:17 PM 
Started by ta0 - Last post by jmadrigal
I personally think that we should stay with the World YoYo competition even the US National competition but that's another conversation. I will not be able to make China for multiple reasons out of my control. The yoyo community is where I come from and where I first developed an interest in tops. I think there is a lot of potential, if we planned a bit better an had some people consistently out there showing what tops can do, it can grow. I plan to go to the BAC next year and will hopefully be allowed to do a short routine to demonstrate tops.
I think that regional spintop competitions are what is needed to grow spintops in the US. There seems to be pockets of players across the country that might be able to make a more local contest. Is there a US top association? 

My personal goal is to get my son playing yoyo and perhaps spintop in the future. Yoyo offers more contests for kids his age and we can go compete together.

As far as 2019 I can definitely be in Cleveland for Spintops so I hope the venue wont change. 

 on: Today at 03:15:43 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by Diz
Why did they make tips like that? Are they better for some types of tricks?

 on: Today at 01:12:25 PM 
Started by jmadrigal - Last post by jmadrigal
Lighted tops are fun. Your florescent Lego tops are really cool to watch.

I got a green 3d printed one at u.s. national yoyo contest and love it. Play with it all the time  ;D

Glad you like the top. It was great hanging out with you in Chico. You should compete next time.

 on: Today at 12:49:45 PM 
Started by Renee - Last post by Renee
Thanks ta0!  Good to know it's as much the top as me.  It seems to be splitting a little easier today.  I had washed the top when it came, and maybe it wasn't totally dry yet when I first tried it.  It even separated once in the air, before a bounce on the floor.  I consider that promising!  Haven't tried to boomerang it just yet, since I'm still trying for a consistent spinner.  The top and I are both so erratic, I know I'd break something trying to boomerang in the kitchen.  You should see my dog run for cover when I get the tops out  ;D
I know what you mean about that UFO tip.  I haven't been able to get a good scoop with it.

 on: Today at 11:44:49 AM 
Started by Renee - Last post by ta0
Welcome to the forum, Renee!

It's not you, it's the top. I have the same top (early 70's) and also refuses to separate.

I have tried the following: use your non throwing hand to keep the inner top a little back (out of the outer top) while wrapping. Even though it will seem loose after you finish the wrap, the inner top will spin with the outer top without problems. This lets me throw the double spinner on the ground.
I still have lots of trouble with the boomerang. I believe it's because the outer top has some unbalance and vibrates in the air so when it lands on my hand the large flange on the tip grabs the skin and the top is rejected.

 on: Today at 09:46:25 AM 
Started by Renee - Last post by Softspin
Oh oh  look out now stopping once you start ,but that's a good thing... Welcome back hope knee heals up good .i love the color of your twin spin ....good luck

 on: Today at 09:39:09 AM 
Started by Softspin - Last post by Softspin
Yes two wheels are the way to see the country side. Colorado is for sure on my to go to list .was in Wyoming this year that was great .beartooth pass oh my . I bring A top most time in saddlebag too, never know who we can pass it on to . Thanks for your reply I can see you flying down the road....

 on: Today at 01:51:56 AM 
Started by Renee - Last post by Renee
Thanks, Jim.  I had already watched your videos, when I was searching the forum about twin spins.  You make it look easy! The one I have just does not want to separate.  I can throw a spinner, no problem.  But, it only splits maybe one out of every five or more throws and I cannot figure out why.  It only splits after it drops to the floor fairly hard and bounces.  They're hard to pull apart even by hand.  I'm wondering if the plastic is too tacky.  Maybe some kind of powder would make them slide apart easier?  The inner top is a bit dinged up, so maybe the burs are making it hang up.  I thought about using some steel wool or light sandpaper to smooth it. 

I used to throw tops as a kid, but hadn't touched one in more than a few decades.  I recently had knee surgery and have a lot of time to kill being house bound, so I bought a Duncan Imperial and a 5 Estrellas Pirata.  I got pretty consistent with those and can hit the frisbee target nearly every time, and working on other tricks.  Then I bought a YYF Short Circuit and a Trompo Grande that I've just started practicing with. So, now that I've got a bad case of STAB (Spin Top Acquisition Bug), I couldn't resist this vintage Twin Spin when I saw it.

Things are going well in Kentucky.

 on: Today at 01:45:54 AM 
Started by jmadrigal - Last post by Jack
I got a green 3d printed one at u.s. national yoyo contest and love it. Play with it all the time  ;D

welcome home sir @-@

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